/usr/bin/bkp.sh line 22: p4: command not found
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/usr/bin/bkp.sh line 22: p4: command not found

In this blog I trying to [solved] /usr/bin/bkp.sh line 22: p4: command not found: The person ask the question and I hope I find the answer according to the given situation. I hope this will work.

There are 2 set of scripts which are running right now on the server as both are mention below:

$ crontab -l
0 20 * * * /usr/bin/bkp.sh –silent > /home/perforce/logs/bkp.log 2>&1
0 21 * * * /usr/bin/flsbk.sh –silent > /home/perforce/logs/flsbk.log 2>&1

Problem is first script is not running.

I set up on crontab -e not sudo crontab -e

The error I have is this. From /home/perforce/output.log:



Starting Backup


Output location:  /home/perforce/output.log

Running p4 verify...
/usr/bin/bkp.sh: line 22: p4: command not found
Done! (No error)

Running p4 admin checkpoint...
/usr/bin/bkp.sh: line 46: p4: command not found
/usr/bin/bkp.sh: line 51: p4: command not found

Bash Script I write is as under:


echo "===================================================================================="
echo "Starting Backup"
echo "===================================================================================="

# Defines output folder and log name


echo "Output location: " $OUTPUT

# Creates a temp file

echo -n "Running p4 verify..."

# Run the p4 and send the output to the temp file
p4 verify -q //... > $TMPFILE

echo -n " Done!"

# Check if it's empty (no error)

# Copy the content to another variable, so we don't mess up with the original output

if [ "$RESULT" != "" ];
  echo " (Error, saving to log)"

  # Save error on output file
  `echo $RESULT > $OUTPUT`


echo " (No error)"

echo -n "Running p4 admin checkpoint..."

# Run the p4 and send the output to the temp file
p4 admin checkpoint > $TMPFILE

echo -n "Done!"

# The file created by the last command
COUNTER=`p4 counter journal`


# Check if the file was created
if [ -f "$FILE" ]
  echo " (No error)"
  echo " (Error)"

echo  -n "Backing up ..."

# Finaly, let's create the backup
#`cp -r /perforce_depot  '/media/perforce/Seagate Backup Plus Drive/perforcebk'`
START=$(date +%D)

FOLDER_NAME=`echo $START | tr -s '/' | tr '/' '_'`

mkdir -p $BACKUP_PATH

cp -r /perforce_depot $BACKUP_PATH

echo " Done!"

The error showing is as under:

/usr/bin/bkp.sh: line 22: p4: command not found

This can mean just that $PATH does not include /usr/local/bin, that’s all. So modify your cron script and add this after your shebang:


set -e
  • I think your script will work if you don’t use the ‘echo’ statements. In the past I came across a similar issue when running a couple of python scripts in crontab. I believe cron runs an instance of the terminal without support for IO to the screen. If you need to store any information which was being printed to the screen you should append it to a log file.

Below is option to install the cron as additional pakage:

How to install the cron:

Before installing cron on an Ubuntu machine, update the computer’s local package index:

sudo apt update

Then install cron with the following command:

sudo apt install cron

You’ll need to make sure it’s set to run in the background too:

sudo systemctl enable cron


sudo /etc/init.d/cron start

Following that, cron will be installed on your system and ready for you to start scheduling jobs.

I hope this will solve the error you guys facing. If you have better solution or any thing to ask feel free to comment in comment section.

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