How To Remove Or Uninstalled Package’s Dependencies?
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How to remove or uninstalled package’s dependencies?


I want to install a some package but it has a lot of dependencies. If I decide I no longer need that software and uninstall it, question is “How to remove or uninstalled package’s dependencies?”

In this blog I’ll try to explain the if you want to uninstall any package’s or dependencies using terminal. If you have any suggestions or questions please comment below. I hope you this will help you to remove the unnecessary file in your system.

Solution of How to remove or uninstalled package’s dependencies?

You can use the command apt-get autoremove. It will remove packages that are installed as automatic dependencies, but are not depended anymore.

apt-get has a flag --auto-remove 

that can be used to automatically remove the automatically installed packages when removing a manually installed package:

sudo apt-get remove --auto-remove packagename

E.g. If your system had chromium-browser-l10n.

Then enter the following command

sudo apt-get remove --auto-remove chromium-browser-l10n

Certain other tools are also capable of doing this, for example aptitude will automatically suggest that you remove the packages that have been orphaned.

The automatically installed packages tracking is built in to apt so the tracking should work no matter which tool you use to install the packages.

If you want to use the command aptitude purge, following are the command to remove dependencies.

aptitude purge packagename
aptitude purge $(deborphan)
  • When using deborphan it is often necessary to run it a few times in a row, or at least it was in my experience with it. It seemed to continue to find new stuff.

This is How to remove or uninstalled package’s dependencies? from your system. If you want to add any thing please comment below.

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