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Ubuntu Hacked down

Ubuntu Hacked down, all form the past some years I was thinking the same that Ubuntu cannot be hacked; this is why, I recommend most of my clients and friends to used. Now the question is how we get our self safe? Official Ubuntu Forum hacked. It seems that Canonical (parent company of Ubuntu) has fallen […]


IP Subnetting Explained: Packet Tracer labs

This blog explained IP Subnetting Explained: Packet Tracer labs. Question is what is subnet? Subnet is a network within a network with which the packets travel shortest distance hierarchy and in more efficient manner. For subnet we have to divide the IP of our network to create more hosts and networks. There are three kind […]


How to Configure Router with switches

In this blog I’ll configure two router with two switches in packet tracer. This configuration is for cisco routers and switches. Packet Tracer is a network simulator software. It simulates networking devices that are used to build CCNA practice labs. An average CCNA lab costs more than $300. A packet tracer cuts this cost by simulating all essential […]

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[Solved] Installing MAAS error postgre error

In this post error solved installing MAAS error postgre error I’ve tried to Install MAAS from Ubuntu server ISO 16 and 17, on a physical machine but both installations stops at the last steps showing the error in the image: Choose Install Ubuntu server, then select PostgreSQL Database and OpenSSH Server in software selection. once this is done, on the […]

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Resetting gnome panel

How do resetting the gnome panel to the initial state? The gnome–panel program provides the panels of the the GNOME desktop. The panels are the areas on the desktop that contain, among other items, the applications menu, application launchers, the notification area and the window list. Small applications called applets can also be embedded in the panels. Gnome–panel Appearance: By default, GNOME Flashback contains […]