Verifying Which Ports Are Listening centos server

Summary: In this post i explain how to test your server ports. To confirm which ports are open and listening. It is required for securities purposes to block all the open port which are not actually required to be open. So through nmap you can check and confirm your server ports status.

Step-1: Access your server and type the commands

nmap -sT -O localhost

If nmap is not installed then first installed the nmap utility and then run the command again

yum install nmap

You can also check it from remotely. Install nmap utility on your Ubuntu machine and test.

apt-get install nmap

Step-2: We can also use the command listed below to check 834 port is open and listening or not.

cat /etc/services | grep 834

Step-3: We can also use the netstat utility for port status.

netstat -anp | grep 4444


lsof -i | grep 834

hope this will help some one.

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