How do you install adobe flash in ubuntu?

Description: This tutorial will guide you how to install adobe flash plugin in Ubuntu. I describe the installation in two ways and both have very easy steps which is describe below.

Here are Two Methods for installing Adobe Flash on Ubuntu.

1. Through Terminal:

  • Open your terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T or by searching Dash Home.
  • Then sudo -s for root command.
  • Then enter “apt-get install flashplugin-installer”.
  • The terminal will ask you for yes and no options.
  • Then enter “y” for yes option and “n” for no option.
  • Press “y” and wait for the installation complete.

2. Through Ubuntu Software Center:

  • Open Ubuntu software Center icon which is present in the side bar.
  • Then on the search bar type “adobe flash” and press enter.
  • You should find the Adobe Flash plugin pop up in the search results.
  • Next click on install button and wait for the installation.

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