Steps to resolve the error Table ‘mysql.servers’ doesn’t exist

Summary: In this post i resolved the unknown Error i faced while installing MySql-Server on my linux machine. I don’t know what was the reason but i resolved the issue by following the steps listed below.

I was installing mysql server after removing the existing mysql due to some reason. When i start my installation of mysql i faced this error Table ‘mysql.servers’ doesn’t exist. I google it and find different posts against this error. I run through many and at last i resolve the issue by queries listed below.

I have run this query directly from Linux terminal on the server within the Mysql shell.

CREATE TABLE `servers` (
`Server_name` char(64) NOT NULL,
`Host` char(64) NOT NULL,
`Db` char(64) NOT NULL,
`Username` char(64) NOT NULL,
`Password` char(64) NOT NULL,
`Port` int(4) DEFAULT NULL,
`Socket` char(64) DEFAULT NULL,
`Wrapper` char(64) NOT NULL,
`Owner` char(64) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`Server_name`)

The query run successfully. Then i removed the older Mysql installation and reinstall the newest version of mysql on my server. This time I was lucky to get the latest version installed on the server.

Hope this will help some one.

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