Squid Reports Through Web Access SARG

Summary: In this post i tried to explain how to setup your squid reports to be accessible through weblinks to the Top Management for Audit.

Here are basic to follow.

Step-1. Open your configuration file of webalizer or sarg. which one want to show the squid reports.

For sarg the following steps will be followed:

sudo vim /etc/sarg/sarg.conf

find the path in the file.
/output_dir /var/www/html/squid-reports

comment this line with # sign
and write another line just below the commented line
output_dir /var/www/sarg

save and exit

Step-2. Now create a folder with a name of sarg in /var/www/

sudo mkdir /var/www/sarg
sudo chomd -R 775 /var/www/sarg

now run the sarg command from CLI
yourserver# sarg -e

checkout your server ip:

Step-3. Open your browser in any pc connected in LAN and access the url
You will see the squid reports on your browser through web from any where in LAN.

Enjoy and Good Luck.

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