SMS Gateway Configuration through Kannel (part-1)

I have searched number of posts in order to configure Kannel Gateway uo and running but guess what no luck 🙂 After quite R&D, I have found following steps worked for me on Ubuntu 14.04/ 13.04/ 12.04. open terminal & direct to /usr/local i.e. cd usr/local

  • root@usr:/# cd usr/local

  • root@user:/usr/local#

Now we need to create a directory to name as Kannel where we would install Kannel 1.5.0

  • root@user:/usr/local# mkdir kannel

  • root@user:/usr/local# cd kannel

  • root@usr:/usr/local/kannel#

Next step is, we need to download the kannel 1.5.0 zip file. after downloading we have to unzip to the folder earlier created as Kannel (i am assuming that the file is downloading in our Download folder )

  • root@usr:/usr/local/kannel#  unzip /home/usr/Downloads/

install three prerequisite i.e. apt-get install libxml2 && apt-get install libxml2-dev && apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev

  • root@usr:/usr/local/kannel# apt-get install libxml2 && apt-get install libxml2-dev && apt-get install libmysqlclient-dev

After installing the the required packages now we are ready to start Kannel configuration process (lets start)

  • root@usr:/usr/local/kannel# ./configure –with-mysql 

Note: Please check when you are going to copy the above command the you have to ensure that there are two ‘-”-‘ before the with-mysql. Do check the screenshot below.

configure command

The Configuration successful snippet : after sucessfull configuration

  • root@usr:/usr/local/kannel#  make


  • root@usr:/usr/local/kannel# make install

make install

  • apt-get install subversion
  • root@usr:/usr/local/kannel# apt-get install kannel


Now after installing Kannel we need to install minicom, a software which allow us to set the SMS port number  through which we would able to send and receive SMS’s, later on.

  • root@usr:/usr/local/kannel# apt-get install minicom

apt-get-install-minicom   for initiating minicom to set system sms port we would be using following command:

  • root@usr:/usr/local/kannel# minicom -o consloe


you need to press Ctrl+A, & now  release both key with holding Z will show you a menu. as under: ctrlA+z

press “O” for configuring Minicom. and direct to Serial port setup  this will show you following screen: serail device

Serial port by default is /dev/tty8 which could be change as per desire, but for this tutorial i would be using by default setting to configure our SMS gateway. now we need a dialer for our wavecom GSM modem. so all we need to do is:

  • root@usr:/usr/local/kannel# apt-get install wvdial


ok its seems some thing get wrong somewhere, lets re-install it  with following command:

  • root@usr:/usr/local/kannel# aptitude reinstall wvdial

the above snippet might be different on your pc, the bottom-line is we have successfully created “wvdial.conf” file under /etc/wvdial.conf directory. we can access the wvdial file by “vim /etc/wvdail.conf” and verify our dialer port, please note that the serial port should be similar in both file as set earlier in minicom. So lets recall our memories, our serial port in minicom was /dev/tty8 right???

  • root@usr:/usr/local/kannel# vim /etc/wvdail.conf

wvdailer snippt

and the Modem port in the above snippet should also be fixed as /dev/tty8 and then save wvdial.conf file. let check now that our wvdialer is working or not !!!

  • root@usr:/usr/local/kannel# wvdail

Screenshot from 2014-06-07 19:43:40

that’s all for back end configuration, my next tutorial will focusing on kannel.conf file configuration to receive and send SMS :

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