how to reset redmine admin password

Summary: In this post i explain how to reset redmine admin password when don’t have access to login. Some time we need the super password to reset and that is very difficult for anyone who is doing for first time. I will guide you how to reset your admin user password for redmine.

Step-1: Login to your server through ssh

login : rootuser (you username)

password: can’tbreakme (your password)

Step-2: In this step you have to run some ruby commands to find the email account for the admin user to use with the listed password links.

cd /path/to/your/installation/directory/ e.g (/var/www/redmine ).

RAILS_ENV=production script/runner 'puts User.find(:first, :conditions => {:admin => true}).mail'

Find the first admin user and set their password to ‘my_password’

RAILS_ENV=production script/runner 'user = User.find(:first, :conditions => {:admin => true}) ; user.password, user.password_confirmation = "my_password";!'

all you have done !

Step-3: Access your redmine application from your web browser.
username: admin
password: my_password

Step-4:  If you have any issue comments here or sent an email.

Good Day…..;)

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