How to know if ionCube loader is installed on my server? And how to know the version?

Summary: This article I explain how you can verify that server is able to support the IonCube Loader or not. I have explain the steps listed below.

I am thankful to Josh for providing the details informations.

To find out whether your server has ionCube Loader installed and compatible with PT installation, please read instructions below:

1. Upload attached file (loader-wizard.php) into your server via your Cpanel or FTP. We recommend you upload it on your public_html root folder.

2. Then you can simply access it via browser. For example And you will see information regarding the installation of ionCube Loader on your server.

3. If you see that the page inform you “Loader Installed” you can continue to step 4. If you don’t, please then follow instruction given or contact your host administrator to install the latest version of ionCube Loader.

4. You will be informed the loader version that is installed on your server:

“The ionCube Loader version 4.x.x for PHP x.x is already installed and encoded files should run without problems.”.

5. Please make sure that the ionCube Loader version is AT LEAST version 4.

6. Download the wizard file from Here

This has been taken from the link which is written by Josh, So we are thankful to him for this.

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