Installing iRedMail on Centos 6 :python Error

Summary: I am installing iRedMail on Centos 6 and get the error of Python. Which i have resolved here. Procedure is listed below.

Error: Package: python-babel-0.9.5-1.el5.rf.noarch (rpmforge)
Requires: python(abi) = 2.4
Installed: python-2.6.6-29.el6_2.2.i686 (@updates)
python(abi) = 2.6

cd to your yum.repo.d directory and create another direcotry reposextra
then mv all the extra repos to reposextra.
You need to have only the following files out side. Mean in /etc/yum.repos.d/

CentOS-Base.repo       CentOS-Media.repo  iRedMail.repo
CentOS-Debuginfo.repo  extrarepos/

Now update your server

yum update

After that run the bash script


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