Install and Configure For Brigdes on centos with socks5 proxy and privoxy step by step

Summary: This Tutorial will guide you through the installation and configuration of Tor Bridges On CentOS server.
Here you can find the information how to access the tor node server acting as a bridge and also configuration with socks5 proxy server. I also explained how to use tor client. Hope this will help some time.
Step-1: Install tor on server. Add the repositories to /etc/yum.repos.d/

cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
vim torproject.repo

#add the following intries

name=Tor and Vidalia

save and quit :wq!

Step-2: Update the server.

yum update


Step-3:  Install tor through yum utility.

yum install tor


Step-4: Install the privoxy to support the tor.

yum install tor privoxy

Step-5: Configure privoxy and add this line to server /etc/privoxy/config

vim /etc/privoxy/config

forward-socks4a  / .

(Note: remember the dot ‘.’ after the port with a space otherwise you will
have an error of badarguments or invalid paramerts pass on config file.)

Step-6: Start the service TOR

service tor start
Raising maximum number of filedescriptors (ulimit -n) to 16384.
Starting tor: Jun 09 19:02:08.351 [notice] Tor v0.2.2.35 (git-b04388f9e7546a9f). This is experimental software. Do not rely on it for strong anonymity. (Running on Linux x86_64)
Jun 09 19:02:08.351 [notice] Your ContactInfo config option is not set. Please consider setting it, so we can contact you if your server is misconfigured or something else goes wrong.
Jun 09 19:02:08.352 [notice] Initialized libevent version 1.4.13-stable using method epoll. Good.
Jun 09 19:02:08.352 [notice] Opening OR listener on
Jun 09 19:02:08.353 [notice] Opening Socks listener on
/usr/bin/torctl start: tor started
[  OK  ]
Successfully started tor

Step-7: Start the privoxy service.

service privoxy start
Starting privoxy: Jun 09 19:02:00 Privoxy(47643551144832)
Info: loading configuration file ‘/etc/privoxy/config’:
[  OK  ]

Successfully started privoxy

Step-8: Start both of the servers on boot.

chkconfig –levels 35 tor on
chkconfig –levels 35 privoxy on

Step-9: As the server is running now we have to configure our client to access the tor services. Install the following utilities on your Client machine. Mine is Ubuntu laptop.

Install Firefox Addon Tor-button and activate Tor in Firefox

Step-10: Setup your TOR as a bridge.

If you want to run a tor bridge you only need to add this lines to your torrc file:

vim /etc/tor/torrc

Find bridge

SocksPort 9050
ORPort 9001
BridgeRelay 1
Exitpolicy reject *:*

save the file.

restart tor service.

Step-11: Check out the tor bridge can find the fingerprint in your Tor log files or in /var/lib/tor/fingerprint depending on your platform.

you will need this fingerprint on client side to connect as tor bridge to the server.

Step-12: How To connect to server through tor client. I am going to use Windows-7 machine to test my tor connectivity.Download tor bundle, extract and install tor browser. When the installation is completed, restart your system. System is back online, now go to start menu, open run and type tor-browser.exe

you will have Vidalia control panel.There are numbers of options on the screen, stop tor, setup relaying, view the network, user a new identity Bandwidth graph, messages log, settings, exit. Here Click on the Setting a new window will appears.

In new windows click on “Network” from tab menu, If you are using the proxy on the server then mark the check-box as checked and enter the Proxy IP address  in address-bar and proxy port on the port option. You have to enter the user-name and password for the proxy user as well.

Next you have to select the proxy type, we are using SOCKS-5 and our setting is listed below.

server IP : 1080
Type: SOCKS5

Step-13:  To add the tor bridge checked the third check-box (My ISP blocks Connections to the Tor Network)

Bridge Setting

Add a bridge: serverIP:ORPort fingerprints and click on + sign, a bridge will be added to your setting

You can do this activity manually as well.

Click on the menu tab “Advanced”

Here you will have Tor Control and Tor Configuration File

Click on the Button “Edit Current torrc”

Add the following lines here

Bridge serverIP:9001 fingerprints(optional)
UseBridges 1

Apply All
click on OK

Step-14: Now Click on ok at setting tab on Vidalia control panel the status bar will go the completed state and a new browser will open. Enter the url

You will have the Congratulations Message on The Screen. Now start browsing With Tor.

Step-15: Tor browser with socks5 proxy.

Install the TOR  button on your browser. Click on the onion sign and select preferences.

select User Custom Proxy settings

Socks Host: port: 1080

Click on test setting

successful testing on background.

Click on OK

And Enjoy the Browsing through socks5 Tor bridge internet browsing.

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