how to install and configure ftp server vsftpd on centos

Summary: In this post i have install the ftp server vsftpd with basic steps. This post will guide you with basic how to about vsftpd server.

Step-1: Check you have any thing installed already on the server regarding ftp server. If there is any remove that and start a fresh install for vsftpd.

yum list installed | grep ftp
Step-2: Install vsftpd through yum utility.

yum install vsftpd

Set the on boot server on for vsftpd.

chkconfig vsftpd on

Step-3: Start ftp service

service vsftpd start

Step-4: Now create group and user for ftp access from the server.

Creat Group

groupadd ftp-users
chown root:ftp-users /var/www/html/

Add User to ftp group

useradd -g ftp-users -d /var/www/html/ imran

Set password for user.

passwd imran

How to restrict and lock ftp user when not needed

You can follow the criteria listed below which is so simple.

passwd -l username{ftp user}

passd -l imran{ftp-user}

How to unlock the ftp user when needed

passwd +l username {ftp user}

passwd +l imran{ftp-user}

This was the basic installation and configuration of ftp server “vsftpd” with one user access to the server through ftp client like filezila.

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