Error PostgreSQL connection limit exceeded for non-superusers resolved

Summary: When You transferred the Database from one server to another and try to connect from your client you will have issue to connect to postgres server that PostgreSQL connection limit. We have discuss the issue in this article.

We are going to Migrate from one server to another database is postgresql

  • As we have copy the same contents from old DB-Server to new Managed Cloud Server, Maintaining the same username and passwords for all the databases and same setting on the new server.
  • We have setup a secondary domain for testing new server before DNS migrations.
  • We have transferred all the data and databases to the new server successfully and now testing phase start.
  • Now we faced an issue which was terrible for us.
  • The issue was “PostgreSQL connection limit exceeded for non super users”.
  • I Google this issue and find most of the article suggesting to increase the number of connections in postgresql.conf file.
  • I check my total open connection by the time of connectivity that was less than the defined limit in postgresql.conf.
  • After that search out some other solution but find nothing about this issue to resolve.
  • At last i applied the procedure, to access the database through server IP rather than name. and i do log-in to PostgreSQL successfully.
  • And the reason was the duplication of same name on two different server with same username and password of database.
  • Finally we resolve this issue.
  • It was tricky 😉

Hope It will help some one and will save time.


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