How to install and configure mailjet with a custom domain part-1

I am going to install postfix on Centos Server and also configuring mail-jet as a SMTP server. The purpose of the job is to configure the third-party outgoing mail server with a dedicated server. Now a days every company facing the issue of emails going to Spam and the legitimate customers are inquiring where do they find their details and purchase receipt.

So i am going to use the mail-jet SMTP server for the outgoing purposes and for incoming i will be using my own server. You can install and configure mail client like round-cube on the server to access to check and respond to emails.

1. I have set up a test domain which i am not using currently for any website. I setup my account on and that was great just few steps to go in.

Well if they are accepting the domain which i am not using for any website, how do they enable that account for me. I was thinking and was reading some basics of the mail-jet.

Oh received an email from mail-jet thank you for sign-up and you will be able to use your account. I was happy to start using the mail-jet account. I click on the “configure SMTP setting” ∀&∃ø

You can understand what i mean. They give me a link  to create a ticket to the support and enable my account.

The mail-jet team didn’t find my domain linked to any website…………………..! i will do, this and that. ! .

Summary : I setup a website on the domain and create a functional email address to verify the link.

My trust builds on the mail-jet as they are caring about their product.

2. I contacted the support again and provide them all the required details and they enable my account within 5 minutes.  That was awesome support response time.

3. I have my domain hosted on Cpanel. I verify the domain , SPF records, domain key.

4. I have to start setting up the SMTP server of mail-jet for my domain now.

I install Thunderbird on Ubuntu and setup the account on it. I have followed the instruction and successfully setup the account with mail-jet SMTP records.

All is done very well. Email is going through mail-jet which I can see in my dashboard .

My next step is to migrate the domain to the dedicated or virtual server and setup the mail server. I will be using the SMTP of mail jet.

Let’s meet in the next post how it works.

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