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6 Feb 2014

Configure Idle Log Out Timeout Interval for ssh

SUMMARY: Most of the time we configure the server with default setting and we don’t care how much time our ssh session is open, what ever we are doing on our PC. What I mean, to provide
27 Jan 2014

secure your ssh access linux

Summary: In this post i tried to explain in a very few simple steps to do, you will be able to reduce the risks of unauthorized ssh accesses to your server.It is highly recommended to secure your
27 Jan 2014

Remove Passphrase from SSL keys Linux

Summary: In this post i explain how to Remove Passphrase from SSL keys. It’s nice to have password protected your ssl keys. But some time it becomes, confusing to set it in the right way on the
25 Jan 2014

Verifying Which Ports Are Listening centos server

Summary: In this post i explain how to test your server ports. To confirm which ports are open and listening. It is required for securities purposes to block all the open port which are not actually required
24 Jan 2014

How to password protect directory through .htaccess and .htpasswd linux

Summary: In this post i explained how to protect your directory access through .htaccess. When we are going to use some applications in private environment like server monitoring through web access. Some time the demo project needs
23 Jan 2014

linux daily use command for server maintenance

Summary: This post is for sysadmin to review the linux daily use command for server maintenance . I added a short descriptions of each command to know the purpose of the command which you are going to
14 Jan 2014

How to block unauthorized users via MAC Address through IPTABLES firewall

Summary: In this article i tried to explain how to block unauthorized users permanently to live without Internet within the office. I have installed a squid 2.7 transparently and also implemented sarg for reports. but i am