Proxy Servers Archive

10 Aug 2017

pptpd with radiusclient2 on ubuntu 16.04

In this tutorial we are trying to explain how to setup pptp vpn on Ubuntu machine and authenticate through radius server using radius client. The Problem here we face is listed. If you run a command on
9 Aug 2017

radius authentication through softethervpn

I found a number of posts related to softether vpn setup and configuration but all the post have overall configuration and non of them have contents to show you how to setup the radius authentication for soft
23 May 2015

How to install OpenVPN on CentOS

Description: In this tutorial we’ll guide you step by step how to install OpenVPN on CentOS 5 and 6. Follow the steps below for easy installation. Step 1: The first step is to check the tun/tap is it
23 May 2015

How to setup L2TP on CentOS

Description: In this tutorial we’ll explain the installation and configuration of the L2TP on CentOS in steps. Step 1: First install the repo’s: For 64bit CentOS 6: rpm -ivh yum -y install ipsec-tools For 64bit CentOS 5: rpm
4 May 2015

Install pptp on centos6 with free-radius

Summary: We are going to install pptp vpn on centos 6.5 x86_64 server and will authenticate with freeradius remote server. 1. update your server and download the rpm of pptpd. yum update yum install wget wget
26 Mar 2015

Install socks5 proxy with freeradius ubuntu server

Summary: This guide will show you how to set up a SOCKS proxy server using Dante-server. You will be able to authenticate the users through free-radius. Steps: 1. Update your server apt-get update 2. Check if gcc
13 Jun 2014

Solved error “check_radius: rc_get_ipaddr: couldn’t resolve host name”

Description: In this tutorial we explain how to solve the check_radius: rc_get_ipaddr: couldn’t resolve hostname error. This happen when you try to connect to the PPTP. This error happens when the host name is not added in the hosts
27 Jan 2014

how to install I2P server on centos linux

Summary: In this post i explain how to install a proxy server which is known is I2P. Before starting the installation we have to check and install all the required dependencies for I2P. Java is one of
25 Jan 2014

Install and Configure For Brigdes on centos with socks5 proxy and privoxy step by step

Summary: This Tutorial will guide you through the installation and configuration of Tor Bridges On CentOS server. Here you can find the information how to access the tor node server acting as a bridge and also configuration