Open-shift setup account and login through terminal via ssh and git

Open-shift setup account and log-in through terminal via ssh and git

In this tutorial we will guide you, How to create a new free account in the open-shift and create your first application. Once you are done with application creation from the web-portal we will go through how to install the client and connect to the application repository through ssh and git clone. We have copied some of the material for the explanation of the open-shift feature from the open-shift site.

1. open your browser and past the link

Select the free package and sign-up for free.

Fill the form and check your mail to verify your open-shift account.

Here you will be . So accept and proceed to the account.

2. Now you are in the login area to create your first application.

click on create your first application now.

You have to select one of a web programming cartridge or kick the tires with a quick-start. After you create the application you can add cartridges to enable additional capabilities like databases, metrics, and continuous build support with Jenkins.

In Instant apps you have to click on WordPress 4.

It will open a link for you like this!1

Here you have to fill the public URL : where by default is php you can replace it with WordPress and type a name of your domain like vpssearchengine in the namespace

Leave the source code as it as . Click on Create application

3. Now you have to set the connection parameters for the code changing.

Will you be changing the code of this application?

Yes, help me get started

Paste the contents of your public key file (.pub)

Here you have to login to your Ubuntu terminal . Sudo -s

# ssh-keygen -t rsa

it will ask you name so name it id_rsa and give a pass-phrase which you will remember to enter on every system you going to access the application through ssh or through git.

Once the key is generated. Copy the contents of to the web text area for the public key.

Your public key will be in cd ~ then cd .ssh/ and then cat

And click on save.

4. Here you will be now

MySQL 5.5 database added.  Please
make note of these credentials:

   Root User: adminIFJJiRA
   Root Password: ***********
   Database Name: w$$$$$$$$$$

Connection URL:

You can manage your new MySQL database by also
embedding phpmyadmin.
The phpmyadmin username and password will be the
same as the MySQL credentials above.
HAProxy instance is started
HAProxy instance is

Making code changes

Install the Git client for your operating system, and from your command line run

git clone
cd wordpress/

This will create a folder with the source code of your application. After making a change, add, commit, and push your changes.

git add .
git commit -m 'My changes'
git push

When you push changes the OpenShift server will report back its status on deploying your code.


I will add more but i have some issue in the connectivity through ssh. so keep eyes on this tutorial i will be updating it soon.

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